Why Self-Care is Vital to Your Happiness

I had lunch with an old friend yesterday, during which she expressed a newfound inspiration for “me-time”. In her case, she had her children in her very early 20’s. Now in her 40’s she’s realized that her kids are old enough to get themselves to and from part time jobs, prepare meals once in a while, and be home alone during evenings when she can see a movie, meet a girlfriend for dinner, or go to a yoga class. This sudden freedom has her excited to “find herself again”, as she phrased it.

July 24 is International Self-Care Day, in Canada, which means many of us are reminded of the important of taking me- time. It’s nothing to feel guilty about. In fact, this wonderful infographic from Happify.com shares the vital necessity of self-care, and even offers several science-based activities and hobbies you can do with you, yourself, and only you…for a healthier, happier life…

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