Holiday Fireworks Tips for Concerned Pet Owners

Your neighborhood or campground likely isn’t home to many explosions. However, on the Canada Day and Fourth of July holidays, it’s inevitable that someone, somewhere nearby is going to set off an array of roman candles. Sadly, if you have pets, the loud booms and flashes of color can be very scary and extremely traumatizing. According to popular dog trainer, Cesar Millan, “More pets run away on the Fourth of July than any other day [of the year].”

As a pet owner, you can do your part to minimize the stress and ensure the safety of your beloved furry friend. Start by taking some tips from this handy infographic on firework safety for pet owners, created by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the U.K.-based animal welfare charity, and have a safe and happy long weekend holiday!

Advice for pet owners during the fireworks season Infographic - RSPCA

An infographic created by the RSPCA


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