Will Yoga and Zumba Catch On With Kids?

With obesity rates among children and adolescents nearing 17 percent in the United States, parents are turning to different strategies to try to encourage their kids to stay active.

While kids are still encouraged to play outside and participate in sports, more and more parents are scheduling workout classes for their children. In particular, yoga and zumba classes are seeing youth enrollment rates soar.

The advantage of yoga and zumba is that they promote whole-body movements, much like traditional activities like dancing and martial arts. This benefit is enhanced enormously when the activities are directed by an expert instructor who has experience leading classes of children and youths.

Studies have also shown that children who participate in activities focused on whole-body movements are more likely to remain active and within a healthy weight range upon reaching adulthood.

Yoga studios catering specifically to children are springing up in large numbers in major North American cities.

Source: Vancouver Sun


Jim Greene

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