Pediatricians Say Buy Organic For Children: Reduce Pesticide Exposure

While recent studies have found that organic food is not more nutritious, pediatricians are still recommending it for children. The issue is not getting more nutrients, but the pesticides found on conventional produce. The report was released by the American Academy of Pediatrics and published in the journal of Pediatrics.

The report collects several studies looking at the health effects of pesticides on developing children. The symptoms ranged from memory problems, developmental issues, and a risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Farm workers who are exposed to greater amounts of pesticides can develop cancer.

The reason they recommend switching to organic food just for children is because their nervous systems are developing. Joel Forman, associate professor at the Mount Sianai School of Medicine and co-author of the report says, “Exposure to toxins can have different and much more profound effects on children.”

There are varying risks for pesticides in food products. The study says there is no difference with organic milk, as the growth hormones and estrogen additives don’t affect humans. They say that instead you should buy skim milk as the estrogen is found in the milk fat.

The recommendations are very different for meat. Studies have found that the antibiotics found in meat can increase the chances of cancer later in life. Eating organic meat reduces the exposure to the antibiotics and can lower the risk of illness cause by antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The study also warns that organic fruit and vegetables may be too expensive for the average family. Instead, they say to buy organic produce that is at high risk. These products with high levels of pesticides are peaches, apples, broccoli, and celery. They said you shouldn’t have to worry about onions and pineapples.

Source: WSJ


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