Head Lice Outbreaks Start In Autumn

Head lice have proven to be an ongoing problem within the homes of families with school-aged children. As we have entered into the fall season head lice has infested the homes of many families with young children.

During the first few weeks of the back-to-school season, head lice are in their prime. Children are often infested with the tiny bugs and their eggs during summer activities such as team sports with close contact, camping, and sleepovers.

Although head lice do not pose a health threat, they can be irritating and difficult to extinguish. Doctors are urging parents to check their children for head lice if they know of someone around them that has been affected.

If your child becomes infected with head lice, you are advised to consult with your doctor about effective methods of treatment.

It is important to not only clear your child’s head of lice, but also to wash household fabrics such as bedding and stuffed animals in hot water to kill the lice and their eggs.

Source: CJAD


Catherine Roberts

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