7 Reasons to Love your Pajamas

It’s one of the last things we do before we go to bed is put on pajamas (or pyjamas, depending on your preferred spelling). There are a lot of good reasons to don your PJs other than the obvious one of covering up (you never know when you’re going to have to leave your home in a hurry due to a fire).

There’s actually a pyjama foundation in Australia, and in July it’s holding a National Pyjama Day to raise money for kids in foster care. Meanwhile, here in the U.S., you’re encouraged to wear your most fashionable PJs to work in April (the day after taxes are due). Here are seven great reasons to slip into some pajamas right now (or at least when you get home from your meeting)…

1. They’re a Barrier against Cold

Scientists have apparently jumped on the “sleep in the nude” bandwagon (we won’t get into all the details here, we’ll save that for another time), but some sources, including WebAdvice, say that pajamas are still king.

This is because of the simple fact that good quality pajamas can keep you warm (but still let your body breathe a bit, if it’s the right type of material like cotton or silk). Even if you add blankets in the winter, having clothing on during the colder nights is more effective, adds the source.


2. PJs Can Help Prevent Illness

Along the same line of thinking, the same source notes that wearing pajamas can actually lower your risk of getting a cold or flu. This is because if you’re in the buff and you accidentally knock the blankets off yourself (or your partner steals them), you may get a chill.

The trouble is you might not wake right away to notice that you’re frigid. If you have pajamas on, then you don’t have to worry about any night bandits robbing you of your warmth. Being uncovered in a chilly room “is a perfect way to get a cold” according to WebAdvice.

cold feet

3. Pajama Days are Awesome

Those are two words that might’ve brought a smile to your face. Everyone wishes they could skip the alarm clock and stay in their PJs all morning (and all day), and you can if you book a day off or (cough cough) get “sick”.

AllWomensTalk.com discusses the greatness of pajama days–it is relaxing, comfortable, and it sends a message to family members that you’re “off duty” and they can fend for themselves that day. After all, pajama days are sacred, and it will take an emergency (or a warm bath) to get you out of them.


4. They Can Aid in Hygiene

Sources note that your skin is continuously shedding and renewing itself, a process that continues while you sleep. So, by wearing pajamas, some of this shed skin (and nasty bacteria) can end up on your nighttime attire, not on your bed sheets.

This is of course all good and proper if you regularly wash your pajamas. To help motivate you, here is a slightly alarming article from MedicalDaily that explains what happens if you avoid washing sleepwear for more than a week (ekk).


5. They Add Comfort

It’s pretty important to feel comfortable before drifting off to dreamland (and staying there for a good amount of time without sleep interruptions). SheWrites.com notes that you can wear the most comfortable pajamas without caring how they look (unless you have a habit of sleepwalking into night clubs).

While cotton is nice, as mentioned before silk is also a great choice. It feels sheer against your skin and can help regulate temperature whether it’s too hot or cold in your room. Using synthetic t-shirts and other clothing for sleep can “choke” your body and make you toss and turn as the site points out.

Goodnight Sleep

6. They Can Be Stylish

We’ve already said not to worry about what your PJs look like, as long as they’re comfortable, right? Well, that scenario works if you’re on your own or sleeping beside a partner you’ve been with for years that you don’t have to impress anymore.

Well, what if a new special someone is staying the night? As SheWrites.com also points out, wearing “cute” pajamas can score points with your love interest. “What are you going to wear to impress him, some old gym shorts and an oversized tank top?” muses the writer.


7. They Can Preserve Dignity

A website called Masculine Dignity talks about the message you send by your choice of night garments. It uses an example of a man that comes downstairs to scold kids about making too much noise at night, only to have his authority undermined by his decision to sleep in nothing but his tighty whities.

“While it’s true that most people will never see us in our PJ’s, the times in which they do are often when a man is at his most exposed and vulnerable,” quips the site. That includes the earlier example of a fire alarm. Do you want to be stuck at the corner with others in your underwear? NO, you want to be wearing stylish man-jamas that say, “Hey, I take style seriously, even in my sleep”.


Jeff Hayward

Jeff Hayward

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