Men Beat Women In Exercise: Study Finds Men Work Out Longer Than Women

A new study from the journal Preventive Medicine has found that men regularly exercise longer than women. They found that women did, on average, 18 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. Men did about twice as much, with 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. The study also found that those who did not reach 30 minutes of exercise daily had a greater risk of metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome is a number of symptoms that linked together can be a sign of cardiovascular disease. It includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar.

While men worked out twice as long, they were found to be equally at risk for heart failure due to other factors. Men are more likely to drink, smoke, and partake in other unhealthy habits. Women who could not exercise enough listed child-rearing as the cause.

The study looked at over 1000 men and women chosen randomly across the United States. The researchers hooked them up to an accelerometer which tracked their movement over a period of four days or more.

The results showed that while men were more active, women actually had healthier behavior. The researchers have stated that the activity pattern begins in childhood and continues through adulthood. Active children mean active adults.

Source: Today Health Today


Catherine Roberts

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