The Unknown Dangers of Teeth Whitening

Before you have that third glass of red wine this holiday season, remember that whitening your teeth with one of those over-the-counter home bleaching kits is not as harmless as you might think.

In fact, at home teeth bleaching can be extremely damaging.

“Some of these over the counter products [contain] materials that have actually caused gum trauma or caused the tooth to actually dissolve,” says Doctor Bobbi Stanley, ABC Local’s website MD.

The doc points to the fact that bleaching can actually result in teeth and enamel becoming more porous. “People find that if they stop bleaching,” says Dr. Stanley, “their teeth eventually regress to a shade worse than it was before they started.”

And before you drop that home bleaching kit in the trash and pick up the phone to schedule a bleaching with your dentist remember that dental whitening procedures pose similar risks, including:

  • Toxicological or cellular damage due to free radicals produced by the peroxides used in bleaching products
  • Stomach issues or gum tenderness from hydrogen peroxide
  • If teeth are bleached too often they will often turn translucent or grayish in color

Source: Yahoo Health


Jim Greene

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