Patients With Ulcerative Colitis Show Improvement With New Drug

According to a clinical trial, more patients with an inflammatory disease of the bowels responded to autoimmune disorder drugs than those taking a placebo. Johnson & Johnson said findings of a trial showed that more patients with severely active ulcerative colitis responded to their drug Simponi (golimumab). The responsiveness to the drug was maintained right through the 54th week of the trial. The drug is currently approved by the FDA for treating conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

1228 patients were enrolled in this study. They received induction therapy with injections of Simponi or placebo. Results showed that 47% of patients receiving 50 mg of Simponi and 51% of those receiving 100 mg of the drug responded to the treatment, compared with only 31% of those receiving the placebo.

It is interesting that a drug initially intended for autoimmune disorders could fare so well with treatment for colitis and bowel diseases. With further testing this drug may be more widely used for treatment of these issues.

Source: Drugstore News


Catherine Roberts

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