Mobility Scooters Covered by Medicare

If you’ve been having trouble easily moving from place to place, a mobility scooter might be something you can benefit from. These scooters are designed to get seniors where they need to go, while preventing falls and keeping them stable. It can also encourage people to stay active, even if they’re losing their strength and physical abilities.

But if they’re a bit out of your price range, there’s a chance Medicare could help. If you meet certain criteria, Medicare may cover the cost of a scooter. That’s why it’s important to see if your scooter could be covered under Medicare before shopping for one.

Here’s what you need to know about Medicare covering the cost of mobility scooters.

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How Can I Qualify For A Scooter Covered By Medicare?

You might be a perfect candidate for a Medicare covered scooter, but there are certain requirements you have to meet first.

In order for a mobility scooter to be covered by Medicare, it must qualify as durable medical equipment (DME). This is a type of health or medical equipment that’s deemed medically necessary by your doctor. The equipment must be used to help you complete day-to-day tasks independently.

Only a doctor can prescribe DME for you. Once prescribed, it must meet these five requirements to qualify for Medicare coverage:

  • It must be durable and withstand repeated use
  • Used for a medical reason
  • Not useful to a person who isn’t sick or injured
  • You are able to use it in your home
  • Has a general expected lifetime of at least three years

If your doctor prescribes a scooter as a type of DME, then you’re good to go. The next step is figuring out how much the scooter will cost.

Scooters can be an expensive piece of equipment, but your Medicare plan could cover some of the cost. For power scooters, you’ll most likely pay 20-percent of the Medicare-approved amount. The Part B deductible does apply.

Your coverage will depend on your health plan. Talk to a representative from Medicare to understand what your coverage is before spending money on durable medical equipment. Once you’re informed, then you can start checking out Medicare-approved sellers for your scooter.

The Best Mobility Scooters Covered By Medicare

Once you’re given approval by your doctor and prescribed a mobility scooter as DME, then you can start searching for a mobility scooter. There are many different types of scooters to choose from. Medicare covers power-operated vehicles that are often sold with three or four wheels that fit different lifestyles.

Here are five of the best mobility scooters covered by Medicare:

Drive Medical Bobcat X3

This three wheeled scooter is called the Drive Medical Bobcat X3. It’s lightweight and easy to assemble. Plus, it’s very portable which makes it simple to store in your car when you’re on the go. You can adjust the flip-up armrests to what’s most comfortable for you and simply control the scooter with a finger-pull throttle.

Scout DST 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

The Scout DST 4-Wheel Travel Scooter is easy to operate and smooth to ride on. It has a comfy padded seat and a handy basket at the front. The scooter can be disassembled and stored in compact places. It’s also quite stylish thanks to the high gloss color panels and metallic wheel rims.

Drive Medical Ventura 4

The Drive Medical Ventura 4 has four-wheels with an ergonomic throttle control. It has a large carrying basket at the front and padded armrests. A headlight and anti-tip wheels are added safety features to help you feel more at ease while operating. There’s also interchangeable color panels so the owner can choose between a red or blue scooter.


The ZooMe-R4 is the closest-looking DME scooter you’ll get to a vespa. This three wheel features a modern design with a plush captain’s seat that reclines. The driver can limit the top speed to six, 10 or 15 miles per hour and enable a key fob alarm system. You can also feel more in control while out and about thanks to its headlights, tail lights and turn signals.

Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter

For those who want a scooter that’s easy to take on the go, consider buying the Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter. It folds in just three steps and can be stored in tight spaces at home or in the trunk of a vehicle. The maximum speed is four miles per hour and it can travel an average of 12.5 miles on one charge.

How To Find Mobility Scooters Covered By Medicare

There are a lot of ways to find Medicare-approved DME. As long as you have a written prescription from  your doctor, then you can proceed with looking into scooters that are covered.

A scooter can help you travel where you need to go with ease. It can be an essential way to help make doing everyday tasks less painful and more convenient. Plus, there are plenty of different kinds to choose from that will meet your individual needs. You can find stores that sell Medicare-approved scooters in your area with a quick online search.

Before buying anything, make sure to read up on your healthcare coverage. You’ll need to fully understand what Medicare will be paying and what you will be paying out of pocket. It’s worth taking the time to research your healthcare plan once you realize how much more comfortably you’ll be living with a motorized scooter.


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