Things Holding Us Back From Weight Loss

Many of us have preconceived notions of what weight loss looks like and what it takes to get there. All to often, obstacles begin to stand in our way that take us from motivated to deflated before we’ve even begun our quest to achieve the “best-me-ever”.

However, breaking down each obstacle one by one may help you find your motivation once again. Working through the following common excuses will help you gain the confidence you need to maneuver through the hurdles on your way to a new lifestyle and body…

1. I Don’t Have Time

A common misconception about a healthy lifestyle is that you need to find more time to have one. You don’t. Simply adjust your schedule, create priorities, and try budgeting your time like you would your money.

When we have something we are passionate about, we make time for it. So don’t lose your passion for yourself and for your health. Finding moments in the day to fit exercise in, and taking time to meal plan and prep are all great ways to make it happen.

2. I Can’t Afford It

The fantastic news is that you don’t need a gym, you don’t need special programs, and you don’t need expensive diets either. Those aids may help maintain a healthy lifestyle, but they aren’t requirements. There are so many free online sources nowadays to get you going and keep you on track.

Instagram and YouTube are flooded with at home workouts for every level. There are also apps to help track your caloric intake, as well as your nutrition and activity levels as well.

3. I Don’t Know Where to Start

Imagine handing a kindergartener a math quiz, and expecting them to answer all the questions correctly. You’d be lucky if they color inside the page borders! Remember that at the beginning of anything—you are an adolescent. You cannot expect to know exactly what to do or where to start. Just like a child, this is where you learn and improve before you can expect to achieve any success.

In this day and age we are fortunate to have resources, quite literally, at our fingertips. So start by dedicating yourself to learning by asking questions, making small changes, and pushing yourself every day to learn a little more.

4. I Have Kids

Me too! Gosh, I love them, but those little energy-sucking rascals seem to leave limited time, for us parents, to look after ourselves. As a parent who still finds time for herself, here are a few options I can suggest.

Working out before the kids wake or after they go to bed are often the best times because they’re guilt free for you. This way, you can focus on your workout (and even zone out a little from being a parent). If that doesn’t seem to work for you, why not incorporate the kids into your workouts? There are a lot of great fitness moms who have created workouts with this focus. You can find great ones online and be a great role model for kids too.

5. I Have Bad Habits

Have you ever noticed that when you wake up you feel so ready to conquer the day, but as the day goes on you lose your motivation and your self-control dwindles? When your energy begins to deplete, your self-control can go with it. Bad habits are often at their greatest peak during these times—only to unravel into poor choices in the evening.

Try not to squander positive early day efforts with negative end-of-day habits. Instead, make sure you have plentiful options that fit your daily intake and diet needs, or remove yourself completely from situations that are tempting (at least until you feel more in control). One can do this by staying out of the kitchen in the evenings, or staying busy (i.e., knitting, exercising, or reading).

6. I Can’t Afford New Clothes as I Lose Weight

A great way around the cost of new clothing is consignment and thrift shopping. Take the clothes you have now that no longer fit, and sell them off to consignment shops to make a little money, or get store credit. If stores reject your consignment, many thrift stores will offer discounts in exchange for a donation.

Buying a thrifted wardrobe will help you stay on budget and bring out your creative spirit. Buying clothes at a fraction of the retail price means your wallet won’t be taking a hard hit. Fresh (to you) wardrobe items can also boost your self-esteem and keep motivating you to reach your goals.

7. I Don’t Want Loose Skin From Weight Loss

Skin is elastic—you stretch it out, it tends to snap back. If you keep it stretched and let go, it may take time to adjust back to its original shape.

However, in cases where skin doesn’t fully snap back, time, exercise, good nutrition, proper hydration, and topical skin care (i.e., coconut oil and cocoa butter) are all non-surgical aids that can help pamper and care for your skin while you lose weight.

8. I’ve Tried Before and Failed

Imagine if we applied how we treat eating and exercise to our love life? Suddenly the phrase, “I’ve tried before and failed” means “FOREVER SINGLE!” In life, we hope, we seek, we strive, and we take what we’ve learned and move forward.

So what if you’ve tried before and failed. You just haven’t found what’s right for you yet. So keep seeking the lifestyle that suits you, the eating plan you enjoy, and the exercise that keeps you energized and motivated. As with love, sometimes you have to kiss a series of frogs before you find your prince!

9. I’ve Always Been Overweight

Yes, genetics factors do play a big role in body type and the personal tendency to gain or lose weight. However, that doesn’t mean you should just sit back and accept it. Growing up overweight can make you feel like you’re stuck. However, challenge that belief can bring about better self-confidence and prove you do have control.

Of course, your health should always be your first concern. So start by getting healthy and your body will change, and in turn, that excess fat you’ve lived with for what feels like your entire life, can disappear. Being fit, losing weight, and achieving a long-term healthy lifestyle isn’t reserved for an exclusive club—it’s a choice available to everyone!

10. It’s Not in my Grocery Budget

Yes, a healthy lifestyle can be expensive. Clean eating, fresh fruits and veggies, sprouted grain breads, and more can have you paying double what you’re used to at the grocery store. However, you don’t have to.

They key is to shop seasonally. Often times we get slammed by grocery costs because of lack of planning—and suddenly that healthy snack recipe we found on Pinterest cost us $25 per serving. Yikes! Shopping for fruits and vegetables that are in season will be your greatest cost savings. As for the rest, watch for sales, buy in bulk, and freeze whatever you can.


Sarah Reynolds